Donate Books

We provide a free collection for any unwanted books you may have. These books will help to support literacy programmes in developing countries.

Donate Clothing

Recycle 2 school is a recycling initiative that collaborates with schools in order to educate children about the importance of recycling by getting them actively involved. With our partnership, schools can raise funds as well as help save our environment.

Other Services

Click here and find out what else you can donate!

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How it works

Recycle 2 school brings you a great opportunity to raise funds for your school while helping to save our environment. It’s a simple and easy programme, here is how it works:
Book a collection or call us to set it up for you. Once we have a set date, we will then provide your school with collection bags and an information leaflet to be given out to pupils two weeks before the collection.


Want to be a part of our programme? Donate the books you do not need or enjoy anymore!                                     DONATE NOW!